Beautiful Border Collie Photos

Welcome to BorderCollieTrainingHQ

Welcome to BorderCollieTrainingHQ!

My name is Aaron and I love the Border Collie dog breed, which is why i decided to make this blogger blog. I will be posting photos of Border Collies, share my stories and maybe share the stories of other readers if they submit. We will see how this blog will go.

Also I will make a blog list of other Border Collie bloggers so if you have a blog related to this topic contact me. I'll add you to my list :)

I really hope you guys enjoy this blog as much as i will enjoy posting and adding content to it. I'm already excited and have big future plans for it. Nothing too serious though, I still have work to go to haha.

It will be more like a hobby and if other people want to read it, contribute to it then that's fine with me!

Anyways, I'm going to finish this with a picture that I love